The ONLY Certification Course For Managing Capital Projects!

Capital Project Mastery (CPM) teaches the fundamentals needed to manage capital projects. Students learn proven strategies for:

  • Accelerating Executive Spending Approval
  • Building Exceptional Project Teams
  • Creating a Completed Project Vision
  • Selecting the Ideal Vendors
  • Communication Rhythms
  • Advancing Your Manufacturing Career
  • The Future of Manufacturing Equipment

No hype. Just real world teaching from a person that has been involved in over 500 capital projects.

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What You will Learn...


Begin with the end in mind.

- The Project Vision

- Executive Mgmt Communication

- Project Definition

- Vendor Definition & Selection



Leading the project team to success.

- Communication Plan

- Schedule Management

- Project Management

- Decisions, Decisions - How to make them!


This is where planning pays off. 

- Runoff

- Installation

- Launch

- Release to Production

Mastery Begins Here

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