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Registration for the ONLY course on managing Capital Projects ends on December 20, 2019.

Here is the progression:

  1. What is a capital project & how can mastery advance your career?
  2. The Executive Summary - The perfect tool for management & operational project communication.
  3. Building Your Project Team - Defining roles & responsibilities for the ideal team members.
  4. Developing the Comprehensive Project Specification - Clarity is key to ensuring the desired outcome.
  5. Selecting the Right Supplier - Supplier selection is critical for project success.
  6. Project Mgmt 101 - Developing a communication rhythm helps to maintain momentum & foster accountability.
  7. Project Wrap Up - Finishing a project goes beyond installation. In this session we get clear on what a finished project involves.

Bonus Materials:

  • Project Management Templates & Tools
  • Copy of Capital Disaster
  • Access to High Performance Coaching
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