Everything is Temporary, Except...

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2018

Everything Is Temporary, Except…

Have you ever been sick and wanted nothing more than to feel like you did before you were sick? Have you lost someone close to you and in the midst of grieving, felt sorrow so deeply you wondered if you would ever feel normal again? What about the time you failed so miserably you swore you would never try again?


Life lived is like a roller coaster. We go up and we go down but that is the thrill of the ride. The majority of pain is temporary, but our fear of pain is permanent. Our fear of pain traps us on the hamster wheel of life. We don’t take the opportunity to get on the roller coaster because the easy path is the hamster wheel.


All things are temporary. Your current situation will change, but you must act to accelerate the change. You must act in your own self-interest to avoid being trapped in a life you didn’t design. I am not suggesting you disregard others in your action but acting in your own self-interest is making a plan and taking action. Here are some exercises you can do to make the most of your roller coaster ride:

Make a Plan – 97% of people do not have a plan and many of them are disappointed with their station in life. If someone offered you $1 million for presenting them with a plan for your life, would you do it? People with a plan earn millions more in their lifetime and are more satisfied with their lives than their peers. To learn more about making a plan for your life, visit www.nowwhatacademy.com.

Enhance the Suck – This is a military saying that is relevant for all of us. Sometimes life sucks, but if we have a plan, ask for help, and surround ourselves with the right people, “the suck” will be temporary. All things are temporary.

Be Intentional – Living with intention is acknowledging the good and the bad. Living with intention is being honest with yourself and others about your situation. Living with intention is being present. One of the saddest phrases I hear is “it is almost the weekend”. It is as if the days in between don’t count. These people wish away their lives because they lack the vision to be present and accountable for living it.

Let It Go – We hold onto crap that makes us miserable way too long. In the end, there is no prize for carrying the biggest self-induced burden. Our drive for significance and acknowledgement too often leads us to wearing our burdens and wrongs like a badge of honor. If you are wearing them for recognition, the better option is to stop feeling sorry for yourself.


Pain is real, but most often temporary, especially when self-induced. Grief is real and a part of life, but temporary if processed with intention. Life is temporary. Even time is temporary because every moment is fleeting. To get the most of this limited time we have, make a plan, weather the storms, be intentional in all you do (or don’t do it), and let go of what is holding you back.

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