The Rise of the Smart Machine

The Rise of the Smart Machine

Algorithms and integrated networks (Industry 4.0) will change the landscape of equipment in the years to come.  The power of well-constructed, self-healing, and adaptive networks is difficult to comprehend at this stage of their development, or maybe they are not.



For example, imagine a machining center that monitors each component of its function in real time, all the time, deciding its spindle needs replacement.  The machining center automatically adjusts its speeds and feeds for each tool to ensure the quality of the parts it machines are not compromised.  It also orders the new spindle or spindle bearings.  The delivery of the spindle determines when the machine will need to schedule its downtime for replacement.  The downtime is going to disrupt production, so it automatically adjusts raw material needs and its production times to ensure the downtime does not affect overall production.  If it is unable to...

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