Executives Cause Chaos – Management Silent

Executives Cause Chaos – Management Silent


Yes…I said it.  For some reason, nobody else will.  Is it arrogance or ignorance?  Why does it take so long to approve capital projects?  I have spent the last twenty-four years of my career advising customers on capital projects.  There are three critical responsibilities for a capital project manager.


1.    Manage the Budget – We all understand the key to successful capital investment is Return on Capital.  There are other reasons to invest but the main reason is to generate more cash for the business.  This requires prudence to ensure maximum ROC.

2.    Be on Time – When the capital is late, the ROC is delayed because revenue can’t be generated.  The sooner the capital is in place, the sooner it can begin generating revenue.  In some cases, having it in place allows for ample debug or run time on the equipment, ensuring...

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